A look inside the rehearsal room

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A look inside the rehearsal room

April 28, 2024

With just three weeks left until the curtains rise on our highly anticipated production of Jersey Boys at the Concourse Chatswood from May 17th to June 2nd, 2024, we're excited to share some behind-the-scenes insights into our rehearsal process.

Intimacy Coordinator Enriches Rehearsal Experience

In an effort to ensure a safe and supportive environment for all involved, we were fortunate to have the expertise of Intimacy Coordinator Shondelle Pratt grace our rehearsal room. Shondelle Pratt, a seasoned intimacy coordinator with extensive experience across Australia’s leading theatre companies, recently conducted a workshop for the cast and crew of Jersey Boys. Her impressive portfolio includes collaborations with renowned institutions such as Opera Australia, Monkey Baa, and Ensemble Theatre, among many others.

During the workshop, Shondelle emphasized the importance of establishing open dialogue and fostering a culture of safety and collaboration within the rehearsal room. We established a check-in process for every rehearsal as a part of our warm-up. While her expertise extends beyond scenes of intimate nature, her focus on creating a supportive environment resonates deeply with Willoughby Theatre Company’s commitment to transparent collaboration.

As we progress from the rehearsal room to stage, we remain dedicated to fostering an inclusive space where creativity can flourish.

Perfecting the Jersey Accent

Under the expert guidance of voice/dialect, singing, and acting coach Alistair Toogood, our cast has been diligently honing their Jersey accents to ensure authenticity on stage. With a repertoire of professional credits to his name, Al's expertise has been invaluable in helping the cast master the nuances of the Jersey sound. Through tailored exercises and immersive coaching sessions, the cast is poised to deliver a performance that authentically captures the essence of Jersey Boys.

Capturing Moments

Some of our leading cast members recently had the opportunity to partake in marketing photoshoots and recording sessions, capturing the essence of Jersey Boys in stunning visuals. Collaborating with photographers Shakira Wilson and Matt Shepherd, these sessions promise to bring the energy and spirit of the production to life. Stay tuned to our social media channels for a glimpse of these captivating shots!

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