Celebrating Volunteer Week

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Celebrating Volunteer Week

May 30, 2024

For every person on stage at a WTC show, there are at least three more behind the scenes, donating their time, sharing their skills, offering their passion, and forming the backbone of both our spectacular shows and our WTC community. Volunteer week is a nice reminder to celebrate the folks behind the curtain, and point some of the spotlight into the wings for the nearly 100 people behind each WTC show!

Steph Georgeson - Dresser

My role in Jersey Boys is one of the dressers. I’m so lucky to work with a fantastic team of dressers. Our focus is to help our actors with their costume changes. It can be pretty stressful and the dressers are always looking for time saving shortcuts to make the changes as smooth and as quick as possible.

At WTC we have an amazing team. Not only a great team but we have a great deal of fun and laughs. In Jersey boys, I’m working with Joanne Atkin and we are responsible for the changes for Franki Valli aka Luc-Pierre Tannous. What a privilege and delight it is to be his dresser. He is always professional and calm.

All four lead actors are respectful and wonderful to work with. The cast and crew are also a fabulous team to work with.
This is a team effort, no egos, we are focused on doing our best for our cast.

I’m a very proud life member of WTC and working as a dresser is more like helping family than volunteering.

Shaun Young - Assistant Stage Manager

I’m one of the two assistant stage managers (ASM) for Jersey Boys. I initially joined WTC in 2015 as a stage crew member for their production of EVITA and since have worked both on and off stage with the company.

As an ASM I manage the off prompt stage crew team and help to coordinate set moves to make sure the production moves along as seamlessly as possible. I help the Stage Manager (the fantastic Grey) ensure things happen in the show when they are supposed to happen and help to manage any unforeseen issues that may arise.

The role requires you to be very organized and be able to anticipate issues that could arise many scenes in advance. Due to the nature of the show, we only have a week or two to see all the set pieces and try to figure out where they should live back stage, how to move them and troubleshoot any problems. With Jersey boys, in the days prior to opening night the set design changed every day which required completely redesigning how the set pieces would be moving behind the scenes.

I love working with the stage crew as it brings together a diverse group of people with incredible skills. You’ll always learn something new (I learnt how to wire the on stage camera which I’d never done before) and you’ll make a great group of friends.

Alex Page - Mic Tehnician

I am one of the microphone technicians for WTC’s production of Jersey Boys.

While you’ll often find me on stage in WTC productions, with life and work schedules I’m not always able to commit to audition to be a member of the cast. One of the great things about WTC is that there are so many different ways you can get involved.

Over the years, I have cherished every opportunity to participate, whether on stage or behind the scenes. I volunteered to be a mic tech for Jersey Boys to expand on my technical skills.

With the mentorship and professional environment WTC provides, it’s a fantastic opportunity to further develop existing skills or learn some new ones. Additionally, working behind the scenes allows me to support my fellow performers and contribute to the success of the show in a different but equally fulfilling way.

Matt Thrum - Follow Spot Caller

For this production of Jersey Boys, I’ve taken on the role of Follow Spot Caller. During the show run, I call the show for my top tier team of follows spot operators, giving each of them standbys, ins and outs throughout the show, working alongside the Lighting Operator.

I volunteer with Willoughby for two key reasons - amazing theatre and amazing people. Whilst it’s always a hectic month or so, being part of creating something as impressive as a Willoughby show is a draw in of itself for any theatre lover.

However, the experience would be nothing without the connections and friendships you make along the way - a perfect balance of the people you can count on for almost every show, and a host of new faces. Having 50+ people from all sorts of backgrounds, ages and day jobs all dedicating themselves to a single show over the course of a few weeks is one of the most unique and exciting environments I’ve ever been in - and it’ll keep me coming back!

Erin Brightwell - Front of House

I have performed onstage in eight WTC shows over the past 11 years. In 2023 I was fortunate to join the vibrant, diverse and expanding ‘Front of House’ (FOH) volunteering team. Front of House volunteering allows me to contribute to the success of each performance and engage directly with our community at the theatre.

Whether it be selling programs, ushering or greeting patrons – facilitating a welcoming environment for the audience is truly rewarding; and it’s really fun and social! Witnessing firsthand the joy and excitement on the audience’s faces as they experience our shows is incredibly fulfilling.

The energy of each performance, combined with the camaraderie of the FOH team, makes every FOH volunteer shift with WTC memorable and enriching.

I am so proud, honoured and privileged to be in the orbit of the Jersey Boys cast, crew and producers. It is truly a magical and special show!

Thank You Volunteers

As an audience member and even as a performer, we don’t often get to peer into these important roles and thank the incredible people who are volunteering their time to get our shows on stage. Thank you to the volunteers who give their time during shows and beyond, to help us continue sharing theatre with our community.

We are always looking for new members and people to join the team - reach out if you would like to know more!