WTC History at the New Lounge

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WTC History at the New Lounge

June 26, 2024

Last month, we had the honor of attending the grand opening of the new venue at The Concourse Chatswood. This stunning space is set to become the North Shore's premier hub for live music, theatre, cabaret, and comedy.

The Lounge at The Concourse offers state-of-the-art facilities and incredible flexibility, making it a perfect fit for a wide range of performances. Its vibrant and stylish design provides an ideal backdrop for unforgettable artistic experiences.

We are thrilled to share that over 65 years of Willoughby Theatre Company history is now proudly displayed on the walls of this remarkable venue. This tribute not only celebrates our rich legacy but also connects our storied past with the bright future of performing arts in our community.

We feel incredibly fortunate to call this world-class venue our home and look forward to creating many more memorable moments at The Concourse Chatswood. Check out the new space and upcoming performances on The Concourse website.